In order to reinforce our SOLUTION business line, KEYTEO offers multiple positions as process control engineer.


  • Supervise of the hardware studies related to the interfaces between the field and the control system;
  • Develop or verify the design of electrical and interlock diagrams from a functional description according Belgian Nuclear Power Plant rules;
  • Design or verify the typical drawings of the interfaces between the different electrical or electromechanical assemblies, the instrumentation and/or the packages;
  • Assign tasks to Contractors as appropriate and supervise to ensure compliance with stipulated procedures, methods of statement and requirements;
  • Coordinate administrative and logistics aspects of works, as well as liaise with the Client;
  • Follow up the on-site erection and wiring of electrical and process control installations;
  • Participate in (and later coordinate) the blank tests and start-up tests of installations.


Qualifications  :

  • Engineer, Electromechanical with automation orientation;
  • With knowledge of design software (CAD);
  • Good knowledge of technical English;
  • Dynamic, rigorous and creative, good at teamwork;
  • Good communicator and listener and able to adapt to the Client’s particular requirements;
  • With in-depth knowledge in the field of nuclear instrumentation and control;
  • Willing to work mainly (i.e. at least 4-5 days per week) on-Site (Tihange/Doel Nuclear Power Plant) and in Brussels when required.